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Posted by Snowman (Member # 13) on :
Hi you all ,
It sure would be nice to see more action on this web site . I have just returned from Colorado ,picking up a KT7 . There is very little information avalible on it . I was told by the previous owner that only 4 were ever built .Mine is #004 . I would love to find a manual for one .
The previous owner told me that there were two more Kristi's in Pagosa Springs on a ranch that were just sitting . I have located two more in Montana and am trying to purchase them .
Has anyone tried replacing the wooden cleats with metal ones ?
Posted by caroth (Member # 1) on :
Instead of wood cleats, I think a plastic cleat would be better suited for replacements. Something out of HDPE or UHMW would be perfect.
Posted by caroth (Member # 1) on :
Talking with an owner of another KT7, Kristi Washington never produced a manual. Instead Kristi Washington offered a 30 minute training session on how to operate the KT7.
Posted by KT-3 00145 (Member # 51) on :
The registry says "This Kristi is a one of three Kristi KT7s built as prototypes to satisfy a FAA contract." But this is SN 004. Was there a fourth built, possibly SN 001, for some other purpose/contract?

And what do you think the possiblities are that any of the other chassis are laying around somewhere?
Posted by caroth (Member # 1) on :
According to the shop manager Duane Barnes and Kristi Washington owner Dwight Baker, 001 was built but the fiberglass body was too heavy and the KT7 was scraped. The 3 KT7 vehicles built were 002, 003, and 004.

It is not known if 002 or 003 was purchased by San Juan County Utah, it burned to the ground. 004 is currently owned by Allen Hudson. The missing KT7 was last used by Dwight Baker in the mid 70s for contract work but it's whereabouts are currently unknown.
Posted by KT-3 00145 (Member # 51) on :
Where was the Dwight Baker machine last used, somewhere in Washington? I know it would be a long shot that it would still be in that area, but ya never know.
Posted by caroth (Member # 1) on :
Yes, in the Leavenworth area, but that was in the mid 70s. Good luck!

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