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Posted by caroth (Member # 1) on :

Hi all, now you can upload pictures anywhere on this forum. Picture formats of .gif or .jpg are acceptable. Here is How:

Click the Upload Your Picture link to the left of the Message box.


Next, a new browser window will open allowing you Browse for the picture on your computer. Click Browse and select the file.

Next, if you selected a file, you should see the file in the text box next to the Browse button. Click Upload to transfer the file to the server.

Next, you can click a link in the pop-up browser window that will automatically place the picture or picture link in your message box.

Finally, close the pop-up browser window and you should see the link pasted directly into your Message box. Click preview post if you want ot see what your post will look like.

Files size is limited to 2MB per image and a maximum of 100 images are allowed per user.

Post pictures of your Kristis and I will add them to the main website!
Posted by KT-3 00145 (Member # 51) on :
Any 'fix' for the 'no spaces' problem? Is it a platform or application issue?
Posted by caroth (Member # 1) on :
No fix for the spaces issue.

It is a web formatting issue, any web address with a space with get an %20 between the space. Unforunately, the image upload feature does not detect the space and add the proper code.

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